Train Wheel

SUYU can offer diversified train wheels like the casting wheel and forging wheel.

Train Brake System

The brake disc can be made of grey casting iron, forging steel or alloy steel. The product falls into categories of the wheel brake disc and the shaft brake disc and has applications on locomotive and coach

Railway Coupling

SUYU provides railway coupling system and parts by the standards of YB, AAR, and UIC. The customized coupling system solution is also available. The product has the following types. 1) GB 2 type

Train Axle

The train axle is of good quality. Owing to advanced inspection equipment, we can carry out many tests.

Coil Spring

SUYU provides various types of coil spring product based on standards of UIC, AR, EN, TB, DB, BS, and JIS.

Leaf Spring Suspension

With the effort of 50 technicians, SUYU develops diversified axles with different sizes and types that have various applications.

Composite Brake Block

Our composite brake block is an ideal replacement of the metallic (gray cast iron) brake block. Composite brake block features motion to the wheel and well fitness between the brake block and brake block shoe

Cast Iron Brake Block

Our cast iron brake block enjoys many advantages including hardness, impact strength and so on. It consists of two parts, the cast iron and the steel support.

Brake Block

Our brake block won't melt or burn and continues to work at a temperature of 250℃ It may burn but causes no flame at a temperature of ≥ 400℃.

Brake shoe

The materials of brake shoe consist of 3 main substances including reinforcing fiber, organic/inorganic filler and resin bound.

Brake pad

Backing plate for a trains' brake padmust meet the following criteria. Firstly, it is made of ST-41 steel plate, and is constructed to transmit the braking force to the composite material.

railway brake shoe

Secondly, there should be a binding structure between the composite material and backing plate, thus forming into a integrated unit and ensuring sufficient bending strength and stiffness.

railway brake block

Excessive wear won't be caused on the surface of the wheel and the railway brake block. The railway brake blockwill not cause the wheel porous or cracked.

Brake pads

It won't stick at the wheel during braking therefore won't cause uneven wheel surface. It won't cause wheel slipping during full braking in wet conditions.

Braking pads

Specific gravity test: standard ASTM D 792 or equivalent method ,Coefficient of friction test: Standard ASTM D 1894 or equivalent method

Truck brake pads

truck brake padsfeatures motion to the wheel and well fitness between the truck brake padsand truck brake padsshoe.

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